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(146 customer reviews)

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BEST KEPT BUGGY SECRET – Mums and dads tell us that they don’t know how they coped without these buggy clips before. They are quite literally a life saver! No more breaking your back carrying everything yourself. You can get back to just getting stuff done.

EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK – Hold your change bag, kids’ school bags, lunch bags, coats, toys and even dirty nappy bags. Every parent needs an EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS, because there is never enough space in the basket under the buggy. You’ll no longer ask yourself “How am I going to carry all this?”

CARRY 4 EXTRA SHOPPING BAGS – Each clip is made of strong and sturdy aluminium not plastic, and can hold up to 5kg each. Enough for your supermarket shop and those bricks you seem to need to carry. The carabiner hook is 8cm long and similar to those used for rock climbing!

SURE TO FIT YOUR BUGGY – We’ve tested these buggy clips on all the major high street brands, and the top 10 stroller, pram and pushchair lists. If your buggy has a handle, these clips will fit. Either on the foam handle or directly on the frame.

ALSO FOR WHEELCHAIRS – Customers tell us they have also used these hooks in cars, on bicycles, wheelchairs, walking frames, shopping trolleys, with dog leads and more!


146 reviews for Buggy Hooks

  1. noid

    very good clip, extra hand when shopping.
    very good clip, extra hand when shopping. quality velcro fastener. could do with slightly bigger clip.

  2. Pete

    Great product and service
    Thanks very much

  3. Mohammad R

    Sturdy Build
    Really useful product, now I can hang all my shopping bags in the buggy’s handle!

  4. mrsclaura

    Extra safe
    These are great for clipping handbags, shopping etc onto the pushchair. It just makes it a bit more secure than hanging bags over the pushchair handle.

  5. Rea

    Hold heavy changing bags!
    Best buggy clips I’ve had so far!

  6. Amanda

    Must have!
    So easy to ‘install’ and use. My changing bag has clips to attach to my pushchair, but they involve straps and trying to hold up the bag to do each side, so got these to make life a bit easier! Because you can move them too, means if I go shopping I can move them a bit further apart to have bags there if needed

  7. D. Harper

    Replacement clips
    I would just like to say thank you for the replacement clips and for the sorry card it was a brilliant gesture I was-taken back by your prompt customer service

  8. Sandra S

    Good product
    Fast delivery, quality product

  9. Neesha P.

    Great product
    These buggy clips are perfect!

  10. Amazon Customer


  11. northlondoner

    Broke after 2 months of light usage
    I bought these at the end of august after reading the good reviews…I only used one of the hooks to hold my baby changing bag which weights no more than 1-1.5kg. Sadly, that hook broke (the metal hook part tore off from the material part, seems came undone completely) at the end of October, that’s just 2month’s usage. I am currently using the other jook but I noticed the seems have started to come a bit undone on that obe too….perhaps I got a bad batch or not but I am quite disappointed as I just wasted my money.

  12. Julia

    Useful for holding shopping or nappy bag
    Great product

  13. Daly

    Very useful

  14. Christine B

    Strong velcro
    Not had them long but they are strong enough to hold my massive changing bag when full, so that is amazing when they are held on with velcro. A God send whike out Christmas shopping with a buggy.

  15. Verzhinia

    recommend it.
    Very useful.

  16. JB

    Thumbs up
    Great products

  17. ALEX

    Does the job perfectly
    Perfect for on the pram or pushchair 😁 very pleased

  18. NR

    Baby clips
    Great product!

  19. B. Lilly

    Safe and secure
    I use these clips when I need to carry shopping basket in the supermarket or the odd bag of shopping. Very simple to use – I would highly recommend.

  20. han84

    Strong and sturdy
    I brought these to replace the clips on my change bag /back pack. The ones that came with the bag lost there grip on the velcro and I could secure it to the pram anymore so got these and theyre brilliant. Strong and sturdy. Think these will definitely last a while

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