Step Stool for Kids
Step Stool for Kids
Step Stool for Kids
Step Stool for Kids

Step Stool for Kids


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ACT LIKE A GROWN UP – Encourages kids and little ones who want to act grown up. This step allows them to do loads of things without needing mum or dad’s help.

GREAT FOR INDEPENDENCE – This stool opens up lots of possibilities for toddlers and even babies who are missing those vital 15 centimetres around the house. It puts them at the right height to reach the sink and wash their hands and brush their teeth on their own.

LOVED BY LITTLE ONES – Your child will know right away this stool is for them and will adopt it right away. Practical and light enough to be carried around by a young child who wants to get to something just out of reach.

SOLID & STABLE – Adheres well to the floor and doesn’t move thanks to the rubber feet. It also has a non-slip surface so little feet grip well, meaning there is no risk of a tumble with wet feet.

NEUTRAL COLOURS – To match your bathroom and for both boys and girls. With footprint to indicate where to stand and how to use it. Wipe clean to keep it looking good.

Out of stock


23 reviews for Step Stool for Kids

  1. Caroline K

    Disappointing that the silicone step slip has now come loose!

  2. Rachael O

    Arrived promptly! The grip feet on top have started to peel but apart from that happy with the product!

  3. Mary C

    Not the best
    Both steps had cracks in them within a few weeks

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